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It \'also known that the provision of such low doses, in this case, it is difficult reassuring. The same dose of different people can not only affect in different intensities, but with a plurality of directions, talking, depending on the highest dose of the sensitivity of the individual in a small roll, and the roll. Therefore, in some cases it may be a therapeutic effect, and in other cases - along with medical side effects, and in third place - toxic effects. Therapists in this position will h

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elp the principle of similarity to understand that the most sensitive identified on the drug face. They are entitled to these therapists problems affecting the therapeutic effect is very small dose, and certainly no apparent harmful side effects. The therapeutic effect of these doses to people who do not have much, and functions of "Pretty Woman", it is not. Belladonna should be made available in the treatment of diseases "Belladonna" sluchae.Dlya, made from seeds and fruits of medicinal plants


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    Women often use harmful products, including cultural. application procedures. Drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day on an empty stomach before it occurs during menstruation snom.Silnye pain to nervous stress. R

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    ecipe 21 Osarun; Nardin Berry European distraction in the wash 2 times a day used. 1 EL. Spoonwort Verbena drug pour 1 cup boiling water, in a thermos for 40 minutes load. Drink during the day. It use

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    s 35 recipe from beet juice pulmonary disease (inflammation, pleurisy) to be treated and is used to treat hypertension means honey. Beet juice has a laxative and diuretic, is a good way to cure scurvy

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