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Take 03/01 to 04/01 cup 3-4 times a day with kidney stones. But as in the previous recipe. 16.8. - is used as a means of foreign alkoxide with acacia root and rheumatism and thrombophlebitis inflammation. Excellent agreement eliminates the swelling of veins. painful necessity to moisten and rub generously points. - Good performance in arthritis and inflammation of the root, with arthritis and diseases of the joints to give rub medicinal plants in the application root in Adam, which is scientific

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ally "tamusa root" appelé.18.30 - hawthorn flowers - 3 pm, grass motherwort - 3 hours and grass. 3H chamomile flowers - - 1 hour cudweed tablespoons chopped to make a cup of boiling water for eight hours and discharge. The pump takes half a cup 3 times a day, after hours of eating heart disease and to calm the nervous excitement. Death is death, the time has come. I returned to the house of the state of despair. Life is limited to my strict ban doctors. Exceeded the number of different criteria


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    e the third most important issues arising from the first two: how the human brain reacts even the slightest changes in the environment such as rigid neighborhoods and organize them according to the wo

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    rk of our body, and if they wish to make the most efficient in terms of cost, spent less expense energii.Testy three weeks showed that patients who participated in music therapy, the symptoms and the

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